Fence Painting & Deck Staining

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Fence Painting & Deck Staining

Fence Painting & Deck Staining in Melbourne

Your home’s curb appeal isn’t limited to the color of your house or the quality of your petunias. A well-maintained deck, patio, and fence can greatly improve the impression your home makes on your friends, family, neighbors, and potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint or stain can make all the difference, providing instant curb appeal without requiring a total yard overhaul. At least, that’s the case when you hire our company to do the tough part for you!

Residential Deck & Fence Painting

At Ometek Painting, we believe in the power of paint! Our team offers services for all our clients’ paint and stain needs—both residential and commercial. As a part of our full-service residential exterior painting services, our team can paint your patio or renovate the entire exterior of your home. Hire our local fence and patio contractors to improve your home’s curb appeal quickly and efficiently.

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Deck And Fence Refinishing And Staining

  • Wood deck refinishing
  • Wood fence refinishing
  • Pergola and gazebo refinishing
  • Outdoor wood stairs refinishing


Our Fence Staining and Deck Painting Process

Deck and fence staining and painting are about more than just curb appeal—they’re about keeping your home’s exterior features safe from water damage and rot for years to come. Five Star Painting technicians follow a proven process to ensure your fence and deck are properly maintained during our services. Our process includes these main steps:

  1. Consultation: We’ll help you decide the best plan of action according to your wants and budget.
  2. Prep: This step includes all cleaning, sanding, and restoration.
  3. Priming: This step is for paint projects.
  4. Paint or stain application
  5. Inspection

Our deck and fence painting and staining services are designed to be efficient and deliver a quality product that meets our STAR standards, every time. Click here to learn more about our values and how they benefit our customers.

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